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International Youth Programs

IYP provides students with an extensive English Language Program while experiencing the beauty of Ontario.

Students gain new skills, participate in new and exciting challenges, forge new relationships and broaden their horizons and aspirations. Students create memories that will last a lifetime.

In today’s globalizing society, it is crucial to learn foreign languages and develop an understanding of diversity, logical thinking, and presentation skills. International Youth Program enables youth to acquire these skills and build awareness through integration and exposure to different cultures. Youth from around the world come together to learn, explore and create memories. Our program focuses on experiential learning that creates global citizens. International Youth Program offers the perfect combination of communicative language learning and a variety of project-based learning activities.

Participating in our program will help youth

  • Broaden and improve their English language skills through complete immersion
  • Build on their communication and presentation skills
  • Engage in stimulating activities 
  • Create new friendships with youth from different countries 
  • Be culturally aware and sensitive 
  • Have fun and create ever-lasting memories


-Make new friends

-Develop high self-esteem

-Improve decision-making



Critical Thinking

-Develop problem solving skills

-Plan and create unique art

-Improve communication skills


-Take care of personal needs

-Independently solve problems

-Take on leadership roles


-Work in groups as a team 

-Be apart of community 

-Learn about new cultures 

Summer Camp Program

Provides students with an extensive English Language Program while experiencing the beauty of Ontario in the summer. Residency for 2021 will be at the University of Toronto St. George Campus. Our Summer Camp is in affiliation with the University of Ottawa.

Winter Camp Program

Provides students with an extensive English Language Program while experiencing the beauty of Ontario in winter. Our Winter Camp is in affiliation with the University of Ottawa.

Our Summer Winter Camp Programs Include

Residential Accommodation

3 Full Meals Per Day

Airport pick-up & drop- off

Complete English lessons

Certificate & Report Card

Staff Supervision & Guidance

Emergency Health Insurance

Afternoon Activities

Evening Activities (summer only)

Weekend Excursions

Free WIFI Access

Complete Daily Agenda

Make Camp Program In Your Own Way

Try our Camp program DIY to build the Camp program schedule in your own way. Select the Start/End Date all around the year and Choose your favourite activities! 


Click Start to get our Camp DIY form; Complete it and send it to

STEM Program


A science-based program, participants will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of Science such as Chemistry experiments, analyzing the anatomy of Specimen, 3D printing, and Physics challenges.


A technology-based program, participants will have the chance to try out different up-and-coming technologies such: Virtual Reality, Coding, Microbits, Arduino, Robotics, and 3D printing.



Virtual STEM Camp


Join our Virtual STEM Camp this year for interactive, hands-on, minds-on activities as you explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Our teachers deliver virtual lessons live to provide students with guidance and support as they work through activities, projects and experiments. Great opportunity for students to also engage with like-minded students and get connected to a STEM community!


STEM is comprised of 4 components, each integrated English language grammar and vocabulary that emphasizes the practical application of each discipline. Science is all around us. We see it in our everyday lives. Technology is constantly expanding and developing, making everyday tasks efficiently. Engineering tackles the challenges of global climate, environmentally-friendly initiatives. Mathematics develops our skills our problem-solving in our everyday lives.

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Grade 9-12 Credit Program Fees

Other Fees

*All fees are mandatory except for option
*Activities details information and fee varies